A sales contract form is a formally drafted document which is used by people to fill in the details of a sales contract which is made between two parties, one of which is the seller of a particular item or commodity and the other is the purchaser. Sales contract forms are legal documents in the sense that they consist of certain clauses or terms and conditions which are to be agreed upon by the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a sales contract form which can be used by anyone as a reference document.

Sample Sales Contract Form:

sales contract has been made effective as on 8th April 2012

Termination date of contract: 8th April 2013

Effective Period of contract: 12 months

This sales contract has been made between the SELLER and the PURCHASER whose details are given as follows:


Name: Mr. Greg Banter

Contact number: 47093242004

Residential address: 234-u, Pauline square, London


Name: Jim Morrison

Contact number: 44604043002

Residential address:-90-g, Freddie road, London

Details of SALES deal:

The SELLER shall be providing the PURCHASER with readymade furniture pieces for 12 months in return for a certain fixed amount of payment.

The total payment to be made by the PURCHASER: $20000.

Terms and conditions:

  • The PURCHASER must make half the payment before the commencement date and the other half on the termination date of contract.
  • The SELLER must sell only fine pieces of furniture as discussed between the parties and as and when ordered.

Any order which is delayed by more than 2 weeks shall not be accepted

Signatures of the parties:

Greg Banter

Jim Morrison

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