A sales consultant contract is a document that is made between a sales CONSULTANT and the company that hires the CONSULTANT. This document contains the terms and conditions that are mutually agreed upon by both the parties and signed by the consent of both.

Sample sales consultant contract

This contract is signed on the date: 1st March, 2011

This contract is made between two parties known as the CONSULTANT and the COMPANY.

The details of both the involved parties are given as follows


Name: Mr. George Jones

Address: 45-S, Keling Street, CA

Phone: 473985798540

The CONSULTANT works in a consultancy firm and specialises in providing sales advisory services.

Details of COMPANY

Name: Ken Frank

Official address: 45-K, Matt square, CA

Phone: 4789238099500

Duration of contract: 12 months

Payment amount: $1500

The amount shall be paid in 12 equal parts. Each part has to be paid on the 1’St of every month.

The following are the terms of the contract

  • The CONSULTANT shall perform sales advisory services in a way that benefits the company.
  • The CONSULTANT shall work in such a way that is in proper order and in compliance with the norms and rules of the company.
  • The COMPANY holds complete right to deny or reject the advice or the proposals presented by the CONSULTANT.
  • The COMPANY agrees to pay the due amount to the consultant on time.
  • The CONSULTANT shall solely work for the COMPANY and not provide his services to any other organisation.


George James             Ken Frank

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