An employment contract is a contract which is made between two parties-the employer and the employee and such a contract makes the employment of the employee in a company legal. A sales assistant employment contract is a kind of an employment contract which is made when a company or a person hires an employee at the position of a sales assistant. Such a contract works like any other employment contract and gives the various details of the job duties and responsibilities of the employee. It is a legally binding document which cannot be violated by any of the parties under any condition or circumstance.

A sales assistant employment contract should give the commencement date of employment, the termination date of employment and the effective term/length of employment. It must also give the exact salary figure which the employer shall pay the employee and also details of other employment benefits. One of the most important parts of a sales assistant employment contract is the part where the clauses and covenants are given. In this part, all the mutually discussed and agreed terms must be mentioned so that none of the parties can breach them during the effective length of contract.

Sample Sales Assistant Employment Contract:

Sales Assistant Employment Contract

Sample Sales Assistant Employment Contract


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