A roommate rental contract is a document that is made between two or more people or parties living together in a flat, dorm or a room. This document lays down those points of mutual understanding which ensure safety and secured rules during the contract period.

Sample roommate rental contract

This contract is made between two parties known as the ROOMMATE 1 and the ROOMMATE 2.

This contract is made effective on the date: 30’Th Jan, 2011

The details of the involved parties:

Details of the ROOMMATE 1

Name: Jacob Natalie

Jacob Natalie is hereby referred to as the ROOMMATE 1 and agrees to share the dorm of Hostel 1 with ROOMMATE 2.

Phone: 43289458879

Details of the ROOMMATE 2

Name: Bill Hopes

Bill Hopes is hereby referred to as the ROOMMATE 2 and agrees to share the dorm of hostel 1 with ROOMMATE 2.

Phone: 463894897998

Address of Dorm: Room no. 3, Hostel 1, NYU.

Duration of contract: 12 months.

Starting date of contract: 2’Nd March, 2011

Total rent: $1000

ROOMMATE 1 realises that ROOMMATE 2 is the previous tenant of the dorm and the rental charge has to be shared between the two. Therefore ROOMMATE 1 shall pay half the amount to ROOMMATE 2 every month.

Items of the dorm to be shared:

Study table, night lamp, electricity, water supply, cable connection.

Terms and conditions:

  • Both the roommates agree to share the dorm for 12 months.
  • ROOMMATE 1 shall pay the rental charge to ROOMMATE 2 on time.
  • Both roommates shall use items provided equally and with the mutual consent of the other.


Jacob Natalie             Bill Hopes

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