A rice export contract is a contract which is drafted between two parties, one of which is the exporter of rice and the other is the one who agrees to purchase rice from the exporter. These types of contracts are signed on the basis of certain number of legally binding terms and conditions which are obligatory for the parties to sign and agree by.

Sample Rice Export Contract:

Rice Export Contract

Download Rice Export Contract

This contract has been entered into as on 1st September 2011 and shall remain into effect for 24 months from effective date.

TERMINATION of contract: 1st September 2013

This contract has been made between Mr Greg Timothy who is herein referred to as the EXPORTER and Mr. Paul Black who is herein referred to as the IMPORTER.

EXPORTER details:

Address: S-2, second floor, Yale tower, Toronto

Phone number: 447409487030

The EXPORTER owns a business of export where 5 different varieties of fine rice are exported.


Shipping address: D-1, 7th floor, Bill street, London

Phone number: 4279248709304

TERMS and CONDITIONS of the contract are given as follows:

  • The exporter must export the rice as ordered by the importer given 7 days of receiving the order through mail or phone order.
  • The importer must pay the amount as agreed upon within 10 days of receiving the rice.
  • The importer must clearly specify the rice variety and quantity and mail it to the exporter and keep a copy with him for reference.
  • The exporter must dispatch only superior quality of rice and would be returned back the order in case of violation.

Signatures of the parties:

Greg Timothy

Paul Black

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