A retail lease contract is one that is entered into between a landlord and a tenant for the purpose of leasing a retail property. The landlord provides the tenant with the leasing of retail commercial space. The contract of retail lease sets out the various terms and conditions that need to be agreed upon by both the parties beforehand. Some of the elements that are included in a retail lease contract are location of the retail space, names and details of the lessor and lessee, period of retail lease, amount of lease etc.

Sample Retail Lease Contract

This contract of retail lease is entered into between Mr. Hayward Johnson who is the landlord hereafter known as the lessor residing at #3, Loughton, Essex, London, IG10 and Mr. Joseph Greek who is the tenant and hereafter known as the lessee having permanent address as #76, Derby, Derbyshire, London, DE22 on the 29th day of March 2013.

Retail Lease Property Details –

Hayward Johnson Park Property,

#35, Radstock, Avon,

London, BA35

Terms and conditions of Retail Lease contract :-

1. The lessor agrees to provide the retail space to the lessor for a period of five years starting from the date of actual occupancy.

2. The lessor has set the deposit security amount for the retail space as 50,000 pounds which shall be refunded on the completion of lease period of termination of lease whichever occurs earlier.

3. The lessor has stipulated the monthly rent for the retail space as 8000 pounds per month which has to be paid by the lessee on or before the 5th of every month without fail.

4. The lessor will be solely responsible for all the maintenance expenses involved in the retail space including payment of property tax and the same shall not the collected from the lessee under any circumstance in compliance with the retail leasing Act applicable in the state.

Signature of Lessor    _________________

Signature of Lessee   _________________


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