A restaurant rental contract is a legal document that is drafted when an individual or organization takes a restaurant owned by another individual on rent in order to run it for a certain period of time. The contract lays down the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties.

Sample Restaurant Rental Contract

Restaurant Rental Contract Number:  SR 12

Effective Date of contact:  5th of November 2011

This restaurant rental contract has been drafted and entered into between Inter Continental Restaurant referred to as the restaurant and John York referred to as the tenant. As per the contract, the tenant will be taking the restaurant on rent in order to run it till the contract expires.

Details of the tenant:

Principal office address: 34 Roger Moore Street,

New York, New Jersey 5678

Mobile phone number: 85678

Residential contact number: 56788

E mail id: john@mail.com

Details of the restaurant:

Location address: 51 Beverley Hill Road

New York, New Jersey 5643

Contact number: 45678

Fax number: 45679

E mail id: inter@mail.com

Website: www.inter.com

Terms and conditions:

  1. The contract Fill RoadHill roadis valid till 5th of November 2013.
  2. The tenant has to pay a rental amount of $5000 per month. He also has to pay a deposit of $50000 before the contract effective date.
  3. The tenant assures that he would not change the menu and will keep up the good quality of the food and services.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions:

Signature of the restaurant:                                                                  Signature of the tenant:

Tan Hen                                                                        John York

(On behalf of Inter Continental Restaurant)

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