A restaurant purchase contract is an official document which is drafted when an individual referred to as the purchaser wants to purchase a restaurant owned by another individual or an organization.  The details mentioned in the contract include the purchase price of the restaurant as well as its location along with the responsibilities of both the purchaser as well as the owner.

Sample Restaurant Purchase Contract

Restaurant Purchase Contract Number: RP 3456

Effective date of contract: 10th of December 2011

This purchase agreement contract has been drafted and entered into between Shane Warne referred to as the purchaser residing at 67 Pain Land Lane, New York, New Jersey 5634 and Brett Lee referred to as the owner residing at 23 Rocky Land Road, New York, New Jersey 5645 where in the purchaser agrees to purchase the restaurant owned by the owner, located at the below mentioned address:

12 Hilly Billy Zone,

New York, New Jersey 5636.

Details of the restaurant:

Name of the restaurant: Hot Food

Total area of the restaurant: 1000 square feet

Type of cuisine served: Multi cuisine

Terms and conditions:

  1. The purchase price of the restaurant is $100000 which the purchaser has to pay in cash in full in advance.
  2. The purchaser assures that he will not change the name under which the restaurant is registered and will maintain the quality of the food as the owner used to.
  3. The owner assures that he has cleared all outstanding salary of the staff.

Signature of the purchaser:                                         Signature of the owner:

Shane Warne                                                                          Brett Lee

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