Sometimes two or more individuals decide to start a restaurant business together and in such cases a legal document needs to be drafted which is known as a restaurant partnership contract. The contract acts as documentary evidence in case of any legal issues arising between the partners so that the issue can be resolved.

Sample Restaurant Partnership Contract

Restaurant Partnership Contract Number: RS 5786

Effective date of contract: 12th of December 2011

This restaurant partnership contract has been drafted and entered into between Gary Lawyer residing at 34, Range Rover Road, Kansas, Florida 4567 and Neil Joy residing at 45, Land rover Road, Kansas, Florida 4556.

As per the contract both the parties have decided to enter into a partnership to start a restaurant at the following address:

23, Mayfair Road,

Kansas, Florida 4545.

The restaurant will be registered under the name of Good Dining. There are few clauses in the partnership business that both the parties have to agree to:

  1. Equal amount of investment needs to be made by both the parties. The following expenses need to be shared by the partners on an equal percentage:

a)   Interior of the restaurant

b)   Property lease

c)   Uniform of the staff

d)   Name registration fees

e)   Liquor license fees

  1. The menu of the food being served will be decided by the partners equally.
  2. All the staff will be appointed after mutual agreement of the partners.
  3. The profit and losses will also be shared on an equal basis.

Signature of the partners:

Gary Lawyer                                   Dated: ____________

Neil Joy                                  Dated: ____________

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