Every restaurant needs proper management of its staff, the premises, the finances and other aspects for smooth functioning and running of the business and to ensure day to day administration. For this, hotels often hire managers who are known as restaurant managers to look after the everyday duties and management.

At the time of hiring restaurant managers, the employer and the employee may decide to formalize the arrangement by entering into a restaurant management agreement contract.  Such a contract is a written document which records all the details of employment including the salary that the manager will be getting, the number of working days, the hours of working, the duties and responsibilities of the manager as well as the role of the owner of the restaurant in the agreement.

A restaurant management agreement contract is a safe and legally binding way for an employer and employee to get into an association. It safeguards rights of both and makes it compulsory for both to abide by the terms and conditions. Upon violation of any of the terms of the contract, the party which defaults may be held legally chargeable. The contract document must be signed at the end to indicate mutual consent by both parties.

Sample Restaurant Management Agreement Contract:


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