A restaurant license contract is a written document which is made when the owner of a restaurant wishes to grant license to a second party for a fixed duration of time in return for a certain amount of money. This contract is based upon terms and conditions mutually agreed by both the parties

Sample restaurant license contract

This contract has been made effective as on 24th July, 2011 and is concerned with the restaurant licensing.

The parties involved in this contract are OWNER of the restaurant and USER.

Details of OWNER:

Name:  Mr. Fred Nicholson

Address: 12-P, second floor, York’s building, CA

Details of USER

Name: Mr. Jamie Yale

Address: F-90, third floor, Tim square, CA

Details of restaurant:

Name: Bread and breakfast

Address: R-4, Henry square, CA

License code: 34/M-g

The restaurant is being handed over to the USER by the OWNER under the following terms and conditions:

  • Amount

The total amount to be paid by USER to OWNER each month shall be $5000.

  • Termination

This contract shall terminate on the date: 24th July, 2012

Length of contract: 12 months

  • The USER agrees to use and run the restaurant on the same regulations and rules as set by the OWNER.
  • The USER cannot sub license the restaurant to a third party under any circumstances
  • The USER shall inform the OWNER of any major details related with the restaurant on immediate basis.
  • The OWNER shall have right to inspection at any given point of time during contract length.

Signatures of the parties:

Fred Nicholson

Jamie Yale

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