A restaurant franchise contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual plans to open a food outlet or a restaurant under the brand name of a reputed group name of restaurants. The contract has details like the terms and conditions to which both the parties should agree.

Sample Restaurant Franchise Contract:

Franchise contract number: R412 K523

Date of Registration: 12th of February 2010

This contract is being drafted between Roger Group of Restaurants with head office located at:

472 North Hill

New York, New Jersey 4124


Mr. Nathan Lee residing at:

124 High School Street,

New York, New Jersey 4178.

For the opening of a restaurant under the brand name of Roger Group of Restaurants at the below mentioned address:

412 High School Street,

New York, New Jersey 4123.

Both the parties have agreed to enter into the following terms and conditions:

  1. The franchise will be under the name of Roger Restaurant.
  2. The type of dining ambience, interior designing, food mentioned on the menu and the service will be similar to that of the restaurant group.
  3. All the advertising signs and hoardings should have the logo and name of the restaurant group.
  4. The franchise owner has to pay the restaurant group an amount of $500000 before entering into the contract.
  5. The franchisee has to follow the policies and procedures of the restaurant group or else the agreement can be cancelled without any notice.

In agreement to the terms and conditions, both the parties have signed below:

Signature of franchisee holder:                                             Signature of the restaurant group:

Nathan Lee                                                                                       John Woo

(CEO, Roger Group of Restaurants)

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