A residential tenancy contract is a legal and official document drafted when an individual starts staying as a tenant in the residential property owned by another individual known as the landlord. This residential tenancy contract has details like the period of stay of the tenant and the amount of rent he has to pay on a monthly basis.

Sample Residential Tenancy Contract

This contract has been drafted as per the State laws of North Dakota as on 14th of February 2010 to give the residential property owned by Henry Smith on rent to Green Smith for a period of eleven months. The details of the residential property are mentioned below:
Property type: An apartment

Total area: 1500 sq feet

Address: Sun Rise Building

5214 Henry Quarter Street

New York, North Dakota 8945

Property details: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen, a sitting hall, a dining room and a store room.

The landlord also agrees to provide the following facilities along with the residential property:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Electrical appliances which include a television along with a home theatre, a refrigerator, a geyser in each bathroom and fans and lights.
  • Furniture which includes a sofa, a bed, three chairs, a dining table and a wooden wardrobe.
  • A fire place

Rent payment:

The monthly rent amount is $1000. The rent needs to be paid on the last day of every month.

Both the parties have put their signature below in appreciation to the terms and conditions in the contract:

Signature of the landlord                                                   Signature of the tenant

Henry Smith                                                                       Green Smith

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