The contract which is formed between a LESSEE of a residential property and the SUBLESSEE of the property to sublease the property is known as a residential sublease agreement contract. Any such contract is formed when an already leased residential property is further put on lease to the third party or person. These contracts are legal in nature which means that their terms and conditions cannot be violated under any circumstances. Given below is a sample of a residential sublease agreement contract:

Sample Residential Sublease Agreement Contract

Effective date of contract: 28th Nov 2012

Termination date of contract: 28th Nov 2013

Effective length of contract: 12 months

This contract has been formulated between the parties with the following given details:

LESSEE Details:

Name: Mr. Robert Harman

Address: 2-P, second floor, Modern towers, London

Contact number: 479037905



Name: Mr. Jack Peterson

Address:  S/89, third floor, Martin street, London

Contact number: 473059509

Details of Residential Property:

Address: 234, Gregory square, London

Type: 2 BHK with servant quarters

Facilities included: electricity supply, water supply, internet connection

Owner name: Mr. Tim Black

Contact number of owner: 470235705

Sublease payment: $1500 per month

Terms and Conditions:

  • This contract has been formed with the permission of the owner of the residential flat.
  • The LESSEE agrees to sublease the property to the SUBLESSEE, who shall be making the rental payment to the LESSEE.
  • The LESSEE shall continue to make the lease payments to the owner.
  • The SUBLESSEE cannot further lease or rent out the property to any other party or person.
  • The SUBLESSEE shall only use the property for residential use and not any other purpose.
  • The LESSEE holds the right to inspect the property but only after informing the SUBLESSEE in advance.

Signatures of the Parties:

Robert Harman

Jack Peterson

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