A residential real estate rental contract is a kind of a rental contract in which a person rents out a residential real estate property to another person. Such contracts are legally binding documents, the terms and conditions of which cannot be violated by either of the parties. Through these contracts, both the parties can enjoy the legal backup of their terms. A residential real estate rental contract must consist of the details of the parties, the rental amount and other terms and conditions. The following is a sample of a residential real estate rental contract:

Sample Residential Real Estate Rental Contract

This contract has been brought into effect on 15th May 2012

The termination date of this contract is 15th May 2013

Effective term: 12 months

This residential real estate rental contract has been made by and between the LANDLORD and the TENANT.

Their details are given as follows:


Name: Mr. Mathew Brown

Address: Q-90, second floor, Markson tower, London

Mobile phone number: 402843505

TENANT Details:

Name: Miss Sophie Timothy

Address:  345/m, third floor, Jacob square, London

Phone number: 447093504

Details of the Property to be Rented:

Address: S23/M, third floor, Modern tower, J road, London

Type: residential apartment

Rent details:

Rent per month: $1500

Terms and Conditions:

  • The tenant must pay the rent on the 1st day of every month for the effective period of the contract.
  • The tenant is liable to maintain the property and make sure that no damages are caused to any of the property inclusions.
  • The landlord shall be offering electricity, water supply and internet connection to the tenant.
  • The tenant cannot sublease the property to another other individual.
  • The tenant cannot use the property for any other purpose but residential use.

Signatures of the Parties:

Mathew Brown

Sophie Timothy

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