A residential home remodelling contract is generally used for agreeing to remodel a residential home of the owner by the contractor within the terms and conditions including description of work, design specifications, cost and timelines. The following sample residential home remodelling contract provides a greater detail.

Sample Residential Home remodelling contract:

Will Smith, the owner, hereby retains construction located at House No. 4, Near Greenway Park, Willis Colony, Ottawa, Canada bearing Canada Contractor’s license number 12376 to remodel the home as per the specifications mentioned in the statement of work.

Description of work

Arrangement for labour and material are at the responsibility of the contractor.

The work should be good, habitable, and pursuant to the projects plans and applicable law.

Residential home remodelling specifications

The following include the work of improvement as to the premises of the residential home:

  1. Upgrade the lighting with the latest technology
  2. Make the floors polished and smooth
  3. The bathrooms should have rough flooring with good quality toilet products.
  4. There should be spaces for keeping plants inside the home.

Cost of remodelling

The budget for the whole remodelling exercise should not exceed $25,000. Any expense that could push the budget upwards will need the approval of the home owner.


The effective date of agreement is 18th July 2010

The effective state date of the project is 01st Jan 2011

The remodelling project should be completed on or before 15th Feb 2012.


Signature of the Apartment Owner:   Steve Waugh

Signature of the Contractor: Andrew Flintoff

Witness: Emma Hudson

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