Whenever a person wishes to get construction of his/her residence done, he/she may hire a construction company or contractor for their services. But in some cases, the person may also hire a residential construction consultant to give proper advice, tips and suggestions so that the construction work can be improved in quality and standard. The contract which is thus formed in between the consultant and the client is known as a residential construction consulting contract. The following are some details which will throw further light on such contracts:

  • Residential construction consulting contracts are formed in order to define the duties and tasks of a consultant and also the payment which the client will make in return for these services.
  • The contract specifies exactly when the contract term will start and exactly when it shall terminate so that the total salary or payment can be calculated in advance.
  • A residential construction consulting contract is a formally drafted document which holds legal importance since it cannot be and must not be violated by either the client or the hired residential construction consultant.
  • The contract should also give the various situations under which the association can end prematurely and how these situations can be avoided.

Sample Residential Construction Consulting Contract:

Residential Construction Consulting Contract


Download Residential Construction Consulting Contract


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