A residential construction management contract is made between the owner (individual/ organization) and the Construction management consultancy in order to look after the remodelling or construction of the resident (s).

Sample Residential Construction Management Contract:

Residential Construction Contract Number: 123- RC

Effective date of contract: October 10th, 2010

This residential construction management contract is initiated by and between Mrs. Barbra Smith, hereinafter is called as the Owner of the property resided at: 34/ C, New Lawrence Road, Ottawa, Canada AND Man Power Construction Management Consultancy hereinafter is called as the management consultancy, mainly located at: Office No: 67/ K, Sun Rise Building, New Wales Town, Toronto, Canada.

Hereby, the owner is willing to hire the management consultancy, whereas the management consultancy is interested to serve the owner.  Therefore, this agreement is valid from October 28th, 2010 and is terminating on October 28th, 2011.

Following mentioned are the Term & conditions agreed by the owner and the management consultancy:

Enrolments & Duties:

The management consultancy is hired to take care of all residential construction management tasks. The responsible person has to understand the construction design, cooperate with the site workers and drive the things in positive way in order to complete the contract on time.

Payment Conditions:

The owner will pay only 50% payment in advance to start the construction management contract and the remaining amount will be handed over after the satisfactory completion of the residential construction work.


In case the management consultancy is unable to complete the contract or raise any issue against the above mentioned promises, this agreement will be considered cancelled. The management consultancy will not receive the 50% pending payment after this course of action.

Hence, both the parties are requested to sign the underneath section to complete the contract:

Signature of the Owner:

Barbra Smith

Signature of the Authorized person:   Designation:

Sarah Hopkinson                         General Manager- Construction Management

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