A residential construction contract, as the name depicts, is an official written commitment which takes place between the house owner and the constructor.

Sample Residential Construction Contract

This residential construction contract is made between Mr. Lee Peterson, hereinafter referred as “The Owner” AND Touch Constructions Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter called as “The Constructor”.

Residential Contract Number: 450- U

Date of contract: October 13th, 2010

Whereas, the both parties can be contacted at the following details:

The Owner: 22/ 12- C, Golden Park

Ottawa Canada

Contact Number: 6400 539 4830

The Constructor:  Office No: 5, Marcos Lane

Ottawa Canada

Authorized Number: 9048 383 5894

Website: www.touchconstructor.com

This contract is commencing on October 18th, 2010 and ending on June 18th, 2011. Hence this is valid for 8 months.

Following are the Term & conditions which are to be pursued by the Owner and the Constructor:

Relationship Engagement:

The contractor and the owner will follow a professional relationship, whereas the owner can change his requirement about material, colour and decoration, etc.


The owner will transfer an amount of $ 7800 before starting the project as a supportive amount and the rest amount of $4500 will be paid once the construction is complete.

Disputes & Termination:

Any dispute which is not resolvable may lead to the termination of this residential project.

General Articles:

If the constructor seeks any help in terms of extending the contract due to some urgency, the owner has to consider the case for the same.

Hereby, both the parties are ready to sign the contract by agreeing the above mentioned clauses:

Signature of the Owner:

Lee Peterson

Signature of the Constructor:

Wang Watson

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