A residential construction contract template is a ready to use document, which is drafted by paying attention to the house owner’s construction requirements and the profile of the constructor. Anyone who is interested to construct or build his /her house can hire a constructor company by signing this document.

Sample Residential Construction Contract Template

Effective Date: ____/ _____/ ____ [on which the contract is made]

Contract Number: ___ [a serial number assigned official]

This residential construction contract is made by and between _______________ [Name of the house owner refer as “the owner”] AND ______________ [Name of the Constructor] regarding the construction of a house, whereas the constructor has received the request from the owner.

This contract is valid from ___________ [commencing date of the construction] and is terminating on ______________ [ending date of construction].  Hence, the construction project is valid for _______ [mention time in month & year]

Underneath are the covenants & working clauses for the house owner and the constructor:


Hereby, the owner is committed to pay _________  [amount in the national currency]as initial payment in advance to start the construction, where as the pending amount of __________ [total remaining amount]will be cleared after the construction is completed.

Working Clauses & Allowances:

The constructor [name of the company] has to take care of lawsuits of condition. If any construction related problem encountered during and after the six months of the construction, the contractor has to pay 50% of the total payment as allowance to the owner.


If the house owner causes any violation to the promised payment and other expenses and the Constructor [name of the company] initiates any breach regarding the above mentioned terms & conditions, this contract will be treated as terminated.

Therefore, both the parties are agreed to sign the residential contract as following:

Signature of the House Owner:


Signature of the Constructor:


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