A residential construction contract form is an official document which is based on the commitment between the house owner and the constructor in order to construct and remodel the house.

Sample Residential Construction Contract Form

Effective Contract Date: October 13th, 2010

Residential Contract Number: 190- H

This residential construction contract is a legal document which is prepared by and between Ms. Carla Smith (The House Owner) AND Hamilton Constructions Pvt. Ltd (The Constructor). The constructor has received the request from the Owner, whereas the owner is interested to hire the constructor.

This contract is valid from October 25th, 2010 and is terminating on October 25th, 2011.

Underneath are the term & conditions for both the parties:

(a) Working Clauses:

During the tenure, the constructor will be responsible for the entire remodelling of the house. The constructor is not allowed to share the architecture design with the third party.

(b) Payment:

The constructor will get the half amount in advance, whereas the remaining amount will be credited to the account of the construction when the remodelling will be completed by 95 %.

(c) Material Expanses:

The material containing colour, concrete, equipment charges and labour charges will be adjusted in remaining payment, which is around $ 7890.

(d) Disputes & Termination:

In case of any dispute or serious issues, the termination can be cancelled, if the contractor is found guilty.

Hereby, both the parties are requested to sign the residential construction contract from:

Signature of the House Owner:

Carla Smith

Signature of the Constructor Authority:

Jenna James

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