A repair contract is a contract between a repair company and the customer who wants to get the repair work done. It gives information regarding the responsibilities and duties of both the parties as well as the other payment and contact information related details.

Sample Repair Contract

Company Details:

Contractor: Clark James (Hi Tech computers)

Address: 23 –B, north square centre, New York

Phone: 498083789057

Email: hitechgroup@gmail.com

Customer Details:

Name: Andrew Hudson

Address: 27, first floor, Ridge road, New York

Phone: 490878975398

Email: andrew88@gmail.com

This repair contract is an agreement which comprises of repairing (formatting) a Dell-Tx5 Laptop.

Date: 1’st November, 2010

Estimated time: 4 working days

Payment Details:

The total cost for repairing the mentioned model will be $100 and this price is non negotiable. The payment shall be done by a master card credit card as agreed by the client.

The company and the client agree that:

  • The client shall himself transport the equipment for repair to the workstation and collect it back once the work is finished.
  • The client is entitled to deduct the cost in case of failure to undo the complaint.
  • The company shall be held responsible in case of theft or further damage to the equipment mentioned.
  • The customer must respond to the complaint on immediate basis.
  • The client shall not hire any other company as long as the contract lasts.
  • The company must do their best to repair the equipment and finish the work in the estimated time.


Clark James                 Andrew Hudson

Hi Tech computers      Customer

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