Whenever an individual referred to as the tenant takes a property on rent belonging to another individual referred to as the landlord, a legal document is drafted which is known as rental tenancy contract. The terms and conditions laid out in the contract include the rental amount, the contract expiry date and other terms and conditions needs to be followed by both the parties.

Sample Rental Tenancy Contract

This contract is being drafted as on 10th of February 2011 between   Harry Potter and Jane Curie to take the house owned by Harry Potter on rent. The address of the house is:

20 Hogwarts Street,

New York, New Jersey 214.

The details of the house are mentioned below:

  • Total area: The house has a total area of 3000 sq feet. The house is a two storey building.
  • Facilities included in the property: The facilities included in the property are furniture which includes three chairs, tables, one bed, a wardrobe and a sofa. The house is centrally air conditioned as well as there is facility of central heating. There is also a fireplace and a garage.

Rental terms and conditions

  1. The monthly rent of the house is $5000 which has to be paid by first week of every month. Consecutive default in payment for three months will lead to termination of the contract.
  2. The contract expires on 9th of February 2012.

It is evident that both parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions by putting their signatures below:

Signature of the landlord                                                   Signature of the tenant

Harry Potter                                                                                             Jane Curie

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