A rental management contract is a legal document between a company providing commodities on rent ropes in a management company in order to take care of their managerial operations. The contract is drafted in order to have a written record of the terms and conditions on which both the parties have agreed and would abide by them.

Sample Rental Management Contract

Contract Number: RM 5510

Date of Registration: 25th May, 2009.

This is an agreement made between Mr. Brian Robinson, as the representative of the rental company which has its office 4219 60th St Kenosha, Wisconsin and Mr. Steven Penn, as the representative of the management company having its office at 2406 Ferrand St #STE 17 Monroe, Louisiana.

Terms and Conditions:

  • As per the contract, the management company has to look after the rent management of all the properties owned and rented by the rental company.
  • The contract shall be in its validity for a period of two years so long as either of the party does not choose to terminate it.
  • The rental company will pay an amount of $ 1,00,000 every year to the management company.
  • Both the parties shall have entire liberties to terminate the contract in case of treachery or breach at any point during these two years.
  • In case the rental company delays for long or is unsuccessful to make the agreed payment, the management company can take legal actions against the rental company and ask for compensation too.


Hence, both the parties concerned are in approval of this contract.


Mr. Brian Robinson


Mr. Steven Penn


Hugo Reyes

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