Rental lease contract is produced between the two interested parties for renting some property, vehicles or accommodation, etc, whereas one party acts as the owner and other acts as the lessee or the renter.

Sample Rental Lease Contract:

Contract number; 23/ RL

Date: December 23rd, 2010

This rental lease contract is prepared and understood between Mr. Andrew Spencer located at: 44/ Kl, Maranon Apartments, New South Wales, Australia, hereinafter referred as the Owner Party.


Ms. Tina Smith, Permanently located at: House No: 2/ O, Near Spencer Plaza, Down City Lake, New South Wales, Australia, hereinafter called as the renter party.

The owner party is agreed to rent the accommodation located at: Apartment No: 47/ L Wing- D, New South Wales, Australia to the renter party and the renter party has accepted the following mentioned term & conditions.

The contract is starting on December 28th, 2010 and is ending on March 28th, 2012.

Term & conditions to survive the renter lease contract:

Owner- Renter relationship:

The owner party will provide the following mentioned facilities to the renter party:

  • Furniture
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Regulation, etc

The renter party will be allowed to use the accommodation only for two people. The owner party will inform the renter party in case of any alteration to the contract or rent.

Payment clause:

The renter party will pay $ 4567 as advance amount and $ 456 will be paid as the monthly rent on 1st of every month for the committed duration.

The termination can be considered if any of the parties are not willing to continue the contract or any legal offence happened to the above given covenants.

Acceptance of the renter lease contract:

Signed by the owner party:

Andrew smith

Signed by the renter party:

Tina smith

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