A rental contract letter is a letter which is sent from one party to another, both of whom are linked together through a rental contract. These letters are sent in order to inform the recipient about the various terms and conditions and clauses of the contract. A rental contract is a contract or a formal agreement which is made when a person agrees to rent an asset to another person or party in return for a certain payment amount called ‘rent’. Given below is a sample of a rental contract letter which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Rental Contract Letter:


Bill Jane

Owner, Jane Private limited



Subject: Rental contract letter

Respected Mr. Jane

I, Hardy Mathew have gone through your various conditions for the rental of the residential complex and have agreed to sign a contract with you for the same. To confirm the details of the contract, I am sending you the following details for your information. Please confirm the same.

You shall be termed as ‘OWNER’ and I shall be termed as ‘RENTER’ in the contract.

Effective date of contract: 27th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 27th May 2013

Rental charge, per month: $1000

Terms and conditions:

  • The OWNER shall provide the complex in a well maintained and clean way to the RENTER.
  • The RENTER must keep the complex in a well maintained manner and must take care of its maintenance and repair during the term of the contract.
  • The rent must be paid within the first week of each month.

Thanking you,

Hardy Mathew

56-h, second floor, Paul tower, CA


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