A rental contract example is a well detailed and properly written down example of an actual rental contract. A rental contract is a document which is used when one party agrees to rent a certain asset owned by the other for a fixed period of time and for a fixed period of time. These contracts are legally enforceable in nature which means that the terms and conditions are strictly legal in nature and cannot be violated without facing legal implications. Given below is one such sample of a rental contract example which can be used for reference by any person.

Sample Rental Contract Example:

This rental contract has been made effective as on 5th April 2012

This rental contract shall remain into effect for 12 months.

This rental contract will terminate on 5th April 2013

This rental contract is formed between the parties with the titles ‘OWNER’ and the ‘RENTER’. The details of these parties are given as follows:


Name: Hugh Jackson

Contact number: 4734094704

Official address: W-67, second floor, Potter’s enclave, Birmingham


Name: Mathew James

Contact number: 4443892033

Address: W-89, third floor, Howdy tower, London

The OWNER agrees to rent an office space to the RENTER for 12 months.

Address of office space: 3-h, martin building, London

Monthly rental charge: $1000

Terms and conditions of contract:

  • The OWNER holds the right to inspect the space by giving a prior notice to the RENTER during any time of the effective period of contract.
  • The RENTER shall be provided with electricity supply, water supply and internet connection for free.


Hugh Jackson

Mathew James


Rental Agreement Template

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