The rental contract agreement is the document which is made by the owner and the person who rents property or any other asset. This contract agreement lays down all the terms and conditions which are agreed by both the parties.

Sample Rental Contract Agreement

John Davis (the tenant) of Sunny Park, Cajun, CO 45678 has agreed to rent from Samantha Fox (the owner) of Fox Street, Hollywood, LA 98765 the following residential property:

Fox Street, Hollywood,

LA 98765.

The residence has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room.


The tenant needs to pay an amount of $200 which is non-refundable on accepting this agreement and $300, fourteen days before moving in. The other payments to be made are as follows:

Rent of $500 per month

FL Sales Tax (9%)

Nonrefundable Cleaning and Trash Disposal Fee: $100

Refundable Security Deposit:  $10000.


The agreement is for a term of eleven months, beginning from 25th October, 2010 and ending on 24th September, 2011.


Two adults and one child will be staying in the premises.


The Tenant cannot sublet the property without the written permission of the Landlord.

Repair and Maintenance:

If there is a breakdown of any equipment, it will be assumed that it was not done by the Tenant and repairing will be the responsibility of the Landlord. At the same time the Tenant should maintain the safety of the premises and always keep it clean.


If the Landlord is not able to give the premises to the Tenant within the scheduled time, the Tenant will not pay the rent till he gets possession.

Samantha Fox

LANDLORD       Date: 25th October, 2010

John Davis

TENANT               Date: 25th October, 2010

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