A rental agent contract is an official document drafted when a tenant or a landlord enters into a contract with a broker or an agent. The contract states the purpose for which both the parties are entering the contract and the amount required to be paid to the agent as his commission.

Sample Rental Agent Contract

Rental Agent Contract: AR 34

Effective date of contract: 23rd of July 2011

This rental agent contract has been drafted between John Woo referred to as the landlord residing at 34 Brick Lane, Colorado, Miami 2345 and Brett Lee referred to as the agent with principal business address located at 21 Soft Road, Colorado, Miami 2332.

As per the contract the agent has taken the responsibility to find a tenant for the property owned by the landlord and located at:

12 Park Street

Colorado, Miami 2345

The terms and conditions agreed upon by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The contract is valid till 23rd of July 2013. The landlord has the authority to cancel the contract in case the agent fails to get a tenant for the landlord.
  2. The agent will be paid an amount equivalent to one month’s rent of the property as his commission.
  3. The agent assures that he will verify the authenticity of the documents of the tenant before referring him to the landlord.
  4. In case the rental contract is renewed with the same tenant, the landlord is bound to pay commission to the agent.

Signature of the agent:                                                                       Signature of the landlord:

Brett Lee                                                                                     John Woo

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