An employment contract is a kind of a contract which is made between an employee and an employer so as to assert the fact that the employer has hired the employee at a certain position and for a fixed time period and payment. A renewal of employment contract is a contract which is formed in order to renew an already existing or terminated contract of employment. Such a contract must state the reason for renewal, the time period of renewal and other valid and important details.

A renewal of employment contract serves the same purpose as any other employment contract and is drafted on the same lines. It must give the job duties and responsibilities of the employee along with the salary (same or renewed) as well. It should also give all the personal details of the employer and the employee along with the effective time period or length of the employment. Such a contract also specifies the various terms and conditions, on the basis of which the parties are to act during the length. The terms and conditions must present several situations and how the parties are to act in all those situations. The contract must be signed by both the parties.

Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract Templat

Sample Renewal of Employment Contract:

Renewal of Employment Contract1


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