Referral service agreement contract is made between two companies or individuals who undergo an agreement for referring the services of their organisation to others. It is a legal document which describes the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties, on the referral of products and services to others.

Sample Referral Service Agreement Contract:

Referral service agreement contract number: 89/ JC

This Referral service agreement contract is made and entered between Mega motors Car sales group and NHS care repair services. Both the parties have agreed to refer the respective clients to each other.

Permanent Address Details of the Parties:

  • The Mega motor car sales office address : House No. 7, Big Brick Lane, Toronto, Canada
  • The NHS car repair companies’ address: House No. 8, black Swan Street, Toronto, Canada

This contract will be commencing on September 16th, 2010 and is ending on September 16th, 2011.

Hereby, to obey the Referral service agreement contract, following mentioned are the conditions:

  • Payment:

The car sales company will refer their clients for 1 year maintenance to NHS repair group for which the repair company has agreed to pay 10% amount of the bill to the mega motors car group. The repair company has also agreed to refer potential car buyers to mega motors for which mega motors has agreed to pay 10% of the car’s price to the NHS repair.

  • Obligations & Responsibilities: 

The details of the agreement would not be shared with any third party by any of the parties. The referral amount would be paid on the monthly base till the validity period of this contract.


Any of the violation in the above said terms and conditions can dissolve the agreement between both the parties.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:   

Signature of the Mega Motor’s Car Group MD:

Torrents Timberlake

Signature of the NHS Car Repair MD: 

Stephen Smith

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