A Real estate tax service contract is a contract between owner of a real estate property or land and a tax administrator or manager who handles the tax transaction related to that particular property. This contract is vital as it ensures that the property tax applicable on the property is paid without fail and on time every year.

Sample Real Estate Tax Service Contract:

Real estate tax service contract number: HGI6754R

Date of initiation: February 22, 2013

This Real estate tax service contract is made and entered between Mr. George Fernado, the owner of real estate site  bearing address no 43, Springville, Cambridge and Mr. Robert Marley bearing official address as no 18, skylark apartments, Cambridge hereafter referred to as tax manager.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The contract notes that the owner of the building desires to assign a tax administrator for his land’s proceedings. The owner wishes to hire the manager for the job and wanted to be helped by him in dealing with the legal tax issues for the site.
  • The contract also notes that the manager is proficient in this work and is willing to do this work.

Following are the declared covenants and clauses applicable to both the parties:

  • It is the duty of the manager to keep a track of all the tax returns of the site before opening a deal of selling it. The manager ought to pay attention to every detail about the commercial activities that were conducted on the land and all the information about its tax returns.
  • He should be aware of the tax deductions that will occur when any buyer is buying it.
  • It’s a duty of the owner to pay a sum of $8000 on annual basis to the manager.

Both the parties agree upon the terms specified here above.

Signature of the Owner:

Mr. George Fernado

Signature of the Manager:

Mr. Robert Marley

Signature of Witness:

Ms. Linda Simpson

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