Real estate sales employment contract is a legal document that contains all the terms and conditions of employment entered between a real estate company and a sales candidate hired by the company. The contract specifies important details such as tenure of employment, type of employment, compensation apart from clauses governing the termination of the contract.

Sample Real Estate Sales Employment Contract:

Employment Contract Number: ADG- 16

Effective Date of contract: January 12th, 2010.

This contract is an authorized document and based upon the legal codes to hire the services of Mr. John McGrew to work for Mega structure real estate group. The candidate will work as assistant sales manager for the company and the contract would be valid for 2 years.

Whereas the employee resided at

Address: – 14- G, River Town,

Vancouver, Canada

Phone Number: 3452- 456- 3905


The employer organization is located at

Official Address: – 516- Old Lane Road, Industrial Wing,

Vancouver, Canada.

Business Phone:  6234- 530- 7104

This employment contract is valid from January 17th, 2010 and terminating on January 17th, 2012.

Below are the workings promises and conducts are mentioned, which employee is supposed to follow during the tenure:

(a) The employee is hired in the Sales department, and he would be working with the sales team of the company.

(b) Job Duties: The employee would be responsible for generating potential leads, achieving sales targets, maintaining sales recording and other issued job duties.

(c) Salary: Monthly break up for the salary is as following:

Basic Salary: $ 2400

Total Benefits:  $1400

Other Allowances: $550

Total claimed amount to be paid monthly: $ 4350.

(d) Termination of Contract: This contract will be treated as cancelled, in case of misconduct & violation to the mentioned term & conditions.

In whereof, both the parties are agreed to the above mentioned terms as the signatures stated below are the proofs:

Signature of the Employer:

Cara Watson

Employee Signature:

John McGrew

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