A real estate sales contract is a document made between seller and a buyer of a real estate property. This contract lays down the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties.

Sample Real Estate Sales Contract Template:

This agreement is made between Roy James hereafter called the SELLER and Yuan Grim hereafter known as the BUYER on

Date: 17’Th octorber, 2010


Location: 3, ridge villa, London

The buyer resides at:

Address: 12.R-7, London

Phone: 4790438409809

Occupation: textile business

And is interested in buying the real estate property with details:

Property address: 123, Highend road, London

Area: 1300 esq.

Total cost: $2000

Payment mode: credit card

The payment shall be divided in 2 parts:

1’st part: cash down payment of $1000

Monthly installments to be paid within first week of every month with 9% as rate of interest.

It is therefore agreed that:

  • The seller agrees to sale the property to buyer on effective date of possession which is 1’st November, 2010.
  • The buyer must pay installments regularly and on time to avoid late charges.
  • The sole ownership of the land remains with the seller till the full payment for the property is received.
  • The buyer agrees to keep the property in good condition and to pay for any damage or repair.
  • The buyer should insure the building against losses due to damage or fire.
  • The seller has right to inspect property for maintenance purposes but with prior notice sent to the buyer.

The undersigned agree to the contract:

Roy James (seller)

Yuan grim (buyer)

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