A real estate sales contract template is a fully detailed and readymade format agreement made between seller and a buyer of a real estate property.

Sample Real Estate Sales Contract Template:

This agreement is made between [seller’s name] hereafter called the SELLER and [buyer’s name] hereafter known as the BUYER.

Date: [day], [month], [year]

Location of signing: [address of signing]

Buyer’s details:

Address: [address of buyer/purchaser]

Phone: [contact no. of buyer/purchaser]

The buyer is interested to purchase the real estate property under discussion-

Property address: [address of property]

Area: [total ground area]

Total cost: $[amount]

Payment shall be made through credit card

And it is divided as the following:

Cash down payment of $[amount]

Monthly installments to be paid within first week every month with rate of interest [] %.

It is therefore agreed that:

  • The buyer agrees to pay for the property to the seller and the seller agrees to sale his property to the buyer on mutual consent.
  • The buyer shall pay the monthly installments on schedule to avoid late charges which shall vary from $[mention the amt] to $[amount] as the time lag increases.
  • The seller retains the ownership and the title until full payment is made.
  • The buyer agrees to keep the property free from damage and in good state of cleanliness.
  • The buyer must acquire fire insurance and insurance against loss due to natural calamities.
  • The seller possesses right to inspect property for maintenance purposes and must send prior notice to the buyer before inspection is carried out

The undersigned agree to the contract:

Signatures of both parties

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