A Real estate referral agreement contract is an agreement made between the real estate company and a realtor who refers the buyers to the company. The legal document states all the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties.

Sample Real Estate Referral Agreement Contract:

Real estate referral agreement contract Number: 15/ GC

This Real estate referral agreement contract is made and entered between Mr. Peter John, MD of Grand builder real estate group, hereinafter known as the Client AND, Ms. Rosa Timberlake, hereinafter referred as the realtor/referee.

Permanent Address Details of the Parties:

  • The Client’s office address : House No. 67, Up town Lake, Toronto, Canada
  • The Realtor or referee’s address: House No. 56, blue diamond Street, Toronto, Canada

This contract will be commencing on February 16th, 2012 and is ending on February 16th, 2013 with the following terms:

  • Work :

The realtor agrees to provide a minimum of 12 references during the contract period without fail.

  • Payment:

The real estate company has agreed to pay 3% of the total settlement price to the realtor for referring the potential buyer to the company.

  • Obligations & Responsibilities: 

The role of the realtor and Real Estate Company is limited to referring the buyer to the company. Realtor is not authorised to make any representation on behalf of the real estate company like the price of the property, terms of the construction agreement and specific features of the property. In case the deal gets cancelled the realtor will not be eligible for any commission.

  • Termination:

Any of the violation in the above said terms and conditions can dissolve the agreement between both the parties.

Both the parties are requested to validate the contract:   

Signature of the Real Estate Group MD:

Ms. Rosa Timberlake

Signed by the realtor: 

Peter John

Signature of the Witness: 

Joseph Spencer

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