Those people who own multiple real estate properties often hire outside help for the management and maintenance of the real estate. In such a scenario, the hired help is known as the real estate manager or service provider whereas the owner of the property is known as the client.

In most of these cases, the parties decide to formulate a written contract so that the proceedings can be recorded for future reference or legal purposes. Such contracts are known as real estate management agreement contracts

A real estate management agreement contract is a contract which is formed to make sure that the client and the service provider fulfill their part of the arrangement, i.e., the service provider properly manages the real estate and the client pays the service provider for the services.

The contract document must clearly mention the commencement date of the contract and the termination date of the contract as well so that the parties know of the effective term. Moreover, such a contract should give the terms and conditions where the roles and responsibilities of the parties are provided including the working hours of the manager, the working days, the salary details as well as the duties which he/she is required to fulfil.

Sample Real Estate Management Agreement Contract


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