A real estate investment contract is a contract which is made between a real estate company or organisation and a party or individual who wishes to invest in the former’s company or project. Such contracts are of formal nature.

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Sample real estate investment contract:

Contract Code: 34/KL

This contract has been made effective on: 19th June, 2011

This real estate investment contract has been made among Brook’s Real Estate Counsel who is hereby called as the COMPANY and Mr. Peter Jobs who is hereby called as the INVESTOR. The INVESTOR agrees to invest in a real estate project of the COMPANY with full realisation and acceptance of loss as well as profit possibilities.

COMPANY Specifications:

Official address: 56-madagascor street, H block, Scotland

Mobile: 4739057400600

Email: brookcounsel@gmail.com

Website: brookestates.com

INVESTOR Specifications:

Residential address: R-90, first floor, G housing, Scotland

Mobile: 473947505050

Email: Jobspeter@gmail.com

Real Estate Details:

This project has been into existence from 11 months and is situated at 45-G road, Scotland.

There are certain promises and covenants agreed upon by the parties. They are given as follows:

  • Payment details:

The INVESTOR wishes to invest an amount of $20000 in this real estate and would pay the amount as wholesome.

  • Duration of contract:

This contract shall remain in effect for 12 months after the effective date and will terminate on the 19’Th June, 2012.

  • Termination:

This contract shall terminate under the condition of misconduct on the part of any of the two parties and non compliance of the terms

Both the parties hereby validate the contract:

Brook Fields (Brook Real Estate)

Peter Jobs

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