A real estate contract agreement is a document which is framed when two (or more) parties enter an arrangement regarding real estate. There are many types of real estate contract agreements depending upon the arrangement for example leasing arrangement or selling/ buying arrangement etc. Given below is a sample where one of the parties leases out a piece of real estate to another.

Sample Real Estate Contract Agreement

Date of signing the contract: 11th June 2013

Location of signing the contract: 2nd and 5th, St. Peters Street, New Hampshire, USA.

As per the statement of the contract Mr. Henry Forbes has been leased a piece of real estate, by Daniel & Mark Real Estate Co. The lease holds for a period of 3 years. All the details of the contract are contained in the document.

Details of the lessor:

Name: Daniel & Mark Real Estate Co.

Signatory: Mr. John Ruth

Contact No.: 26436585786

Details of the lessee:

Name: Mr. Henry Forbes

Contact No.: 746736232

Email Address: hforbes@bmaol.com

Details of the real estate property:

Type: commercial

Description: 3000 sq feet spread, office space, fully furnished.

Location: 1st and 23rd, 12th Floor, Madison Square Avenue, New Hampshire, USA.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract Agreement:

1. The lessee must make the annual lease rent payments to the real estate firm.

2. Any sort of a payment default is bound by the law.

3. In case of any sort of renovations, however minor, the lessor to be notified and be coordinated with.

4. Any damages to the property due to the actions of the lessee i.e. Mr. Forbes, are to be borne by the lessee.

5. The contract agreement can be renewed on expiry.

6. Both the parties agree to be bound by this contract agreement.


________________________ ________________________

Mr. Henry Forbes                             Mr. John Ruth

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