A radio commercial contract is commenced between an organization or company and a radio commercial advertising agency to produce and relaying a commercial advertisement on the radio to promote certain business.

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Sample Radio Commercial Contract:

Contract number: 89/ RDC

Date: February 13th, 2011

This Radio Commercial contract is produced and registered between Margo Manufacturer Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office no: 23, 2nd floor, Amanda Building, Toronto, America, hereinafter known as the client party


Wilma Radio Commercial Advertising Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 78, Wing- K, Salt Lake Buildings, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter known as the performing party.

Whereas the performing party is willing to serve the client party and the client party is ready to hire the services of the performing party for transmitting the radio commercials to promote the machine manufacturing business.

This contract is effective from February 15th, 2011 and is terminating on February 15th, 2013.

Term & Conditions:

Duties of the Performing party:

The performing party will create the commercial and will broadcast the advertisement on the radio according to the following schedule:

Daily commercial slots:  10 times per day

Slot Breakup:

  • Morning: 4 times
  • Afternoon: 2 times
  • Night: 4 times

Payment Term:

The client party will pay $ 23000 for the creation of commercial advertising and $ 34000 for transmitting the commercial over the radio worldwide.


Any kind of unsettled dispute can cause the termination of this contract. In this situation, the guilty party will pay $ 4500 as the settlement allowance to the alleging party.

Acceptance of the Radio Commercial Contract:

Client Party:                                                                             Performing Party:

Joan Hudson                                                                                 Tina Grant

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