A purchase and sale contract is a legal document which is drafted when two individuals or organizations enters into a business relationship for the purchase and sales of products. One of the parties entering into the contract is referred to as the seller and the other party is referred to as the buyer. The contract include the details of the parties involved, types of products purchased and sold and other terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Purchase and Sale Contract

Purchase and sale contract number: PS 34

Effective date of contract: 10th of July 2011

This purchase and sale contract has been drafted and entered into between Wind Taker referred to as the seller and Ben Affleck referred to as the buyer.

Details of the seller:

Principal office address: 34 Park Street

Fairy Land, Walt Disney 2345

Office number: 67321

E mail id: wind@mail.com

Details of the buyer:

Principal office address: 34 West Side Street

Fairy Land, Walt Disney 2356

Office number: 67321

E mail id: ben@mail.com

The terms and condition agreed upon by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The seller will be selling raw cotton materials on a monthly basis to the buyer. The minimum of raw cotton material to be supplied per month is one ton.
  2. The buyer has to pay $3000 per delivery of the product. He has to pay three delivery’s payment in advance before the contract effective date.
  3. The seller assures that he will be selling quality products.
  4. The contract is valid for two years from the contract effective date.

Signature of the seller:                                              Signature of the buyer:

Wind Taker                                                             Ben Affleck

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