Public relation management has become an integral part of the businesses worldwide. With the increase focus on the public relations the need for hiring professionals in this field has also increased. Whenever an entity or an individual hires a PR management firm to manage its public relations the involved parties have to sign a legal document which is referred to as the public relations contract agreement. The agreement records all the relevant details about the scope of work and the terms of the arrangement between the parties.

Sample Public Relations Contract Agreement

Date of signing of contract: 13th July 2013

This agreement is being made for and is being entered between Pierce Hardman Law Firm (to be referred to as the company hereon) and Louis & Louis Public Relations (to be referred to as the PR firm hereon) as on above mentioned date.

The agreement states that the mentioned company has hired the PR firm to manage its public relations. The terms and other details are mentioned in the document.

Details of the contractor:

Name: Pierce Hardman Law Firm

Under Signatory: Ms. Jessica Pierce

Email Address:

Contact No.: 3586756

Fax No.: 56782

Details of the PR firm:

Name: Louis & Louis Public Relations

Under Signatory: Mr. Daniel Spector

Official Web Address:

Contact No.: 357806073

Fax No.: 9586

Terms and Conditions:

37. The contracting firm has hired the PR agency to handle the public relations of their organisation for a period of 14 months from 15th of August, 2013.

38. The PR firm will be paid the basic fee as specified, and any additional charges incurred should be discussed prior to the event.

39. Both the parties must maintain relevant records of the PR events.

40. The PR firm and the hiring firm must disclose the relevant information or details in any situation.


_______________________ _______________________

Ms. Jessica Pierce                         Mr. Daniel Spector


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