Property maintenance is an act in which a person or a party agrees to maintain a property which is owned by another person or entity. In such cases, the owner is known as the client and the person who maintains the property is known as the service provider.

A property maintenance service contract is a service contract framed between a client and a property maintenance service provider to legally record all the details of the maintenance and also the details relating to the payment which the service provider will get for his/her services.

A property maintenance service contract is a written document which must be framed carefully, by giving each detail clearly. The contract document must consist of the various maintenance duties which the service provider is expected to fulfill along with the commencement as well as the termination date of the contract.

The terms and conditions of a property maintenance service contract must explain in detail the roles of the involved parties and the various clauses relating to the service period. These terms should be mutually agreed by the parties and must be signed at the end to indicate that the violation of any of them can hold the defaulting party at fault.

Sample Property Maintenance Service Contract:


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