A property lease contract is a standard form of a lease contract where a lessor/landlord/owner of a property agrees to lease or rent the property to another party or person who is known as the lessee in this arrangement.

On the other hand, a property lease purchase contract is a type of an agreement where the lessee gets the option to purchase the property of lease either anytime during the contract or at a later stage.

In the case of such a contract, the terms for lease as well as that for purchase are given along with the monthly lease payment as well as the purchase amount of the property.

A property lease purchase contract is a formally drafted document whose terms and legally enforceable. This means that if any of the parties: lessor or lessee, was to disobey or violate the terms or details of the contract, then it could face legal charges.

The contract document must mention the details of the parties, details of the property being leased as well as the terms and conditions which explained the lease term, the facilities offered in the property, the rights and roles of the parties etc.

Property Lease Purchase Contract


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