A property investment contract is a contract which is made between a property owner or broker and an investor who wishes to invest in the property. This contract is formal in nature and legally binds the involved parties.

Sample property investment contract:

This contract is entered as of 24th July, 2011 and shall remain into effect till 12 months after the effective date of contract.

This contract has been made among the parties with the following details:


Name: Mr. Robert Fling

Address: GK-90, First floor, KELL Street, London

Mobile phone: 4738975459760

Email: fling2@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Samuel Anthony

Address: 56-P, third floor, Rad estate, London

Mobile number: 4739050595004

Email: anthonysamuel@gmail.com

Property Details:

Address: FR-90, Friends colony, London

Area: 5 acres

Through this contract the INVESTOR wishes to invest an amount of $50000 in the given property for a specific period of time.

The following are the promises and covenants of the contract:

  • Payment Details:

A wholesome amount of $50000 shall be paid prior to the second week of contract formation.

  • Length of contract:

This contract shall be in effect for 12 months

Termination of contract: 24th July, 2012

  • Termination:

The contract shall prematurely terminate if the OWNER hands over or subleases the property to a third party.

The contract shall terminate if the profits earned from property are not returned as a share of 5% every month.

  • The OWNER shall keep the INVESTOR informed of all the developments regarding the property.

Both the parties validate the contract as follows:

Robert Fling                    Samuel Anthony

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