Every industry and field divides its works and tasks on the basis of individual projects. To handle the administration and management of these projects, companies appoint or hire project managers or project management consultants. In most of these cases, the employers and the consultants may enter into a formal arrangement or association for a fixed period of time and this association is called project management consulting contract.  A project management consulting contract is basically a legally binding and mutually agreed upon written document which defines the duties of the consultant and the expectations from the employer.

A project management consulting contract must consist of several details and information and the major ones are given as follows:

  • The terms and conditions mostly take a large part of such contracts and must be used to give all the important clauses and covenants to be followed by the parties
  • The date of effectiveness of contract as well as the total effective period must also be mentioned.
  • The contract document must also give the official and personal details of the participants such as their names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • The contract must state the salary or payment which the employer must give to the project management consultant.

Sample Project Management Consulting Contract:

Project Management Consulting Contract

Download Project Management Consulting Contract


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