Many business companies often hire outside help or outsource certain services whose expertise they do not have themselves. In such cases, the service provider is paid for the service he/she provides and is hired for a temporary basis. In case of handling or managing project works, project managers are hired by business organizations. In such cases, they formulate contracts that are known as project management services contracts.

Project management services contracts are those types of contracts that are formed between a client and a project manager and are mostly time bound in nature.

Such contracts are meant to authorize the project manager to provide management services for a certain project and to authorize the client or employer to pay the service provider for his/her services. it is very important for these contracts to name the parties, give their titles, contact numbers and also their addresses of correspondence.

A project management services contract should also mention the effective time period of the contract by giving its commencement date and its termination date. The terms of contract must mention the responsibilities of each party and what role it shall be playing during the effective term.  It is important to give the payment details as well in the document.

Sample Project Management Services Contract


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