A project management contract is an official document drafted when an individual is hired in the position of a project manger in an organization. The details of the project, the job responsibilities of the project manager are some of the details mentioned in the contract.

Sample Project Management Contract

Project Management Contract Number: PM 567

Effective date of contract: 6th of December 2011

This project management contract has been drafted and entered into between Charles Ray and Steel Manufacturers wherein Charles Ray is being hired in the position of a project manager and referred to as so and Steel Manufacturers will be referred to as the employer.

The project manager is being hired for one particular project and the contract ends on 6th of December 2011 or when the project is over, whichever date is earlier.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The project manager is entitled to a remuneration of $4000 dollars per month.
  2. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the project is moving ahead and there are developments in the project. He has to also find out any loopholes in the project and solve them. He also has to ensure that the project is completed by the contract end date.
  3. After the certain project is over, the renewal of contract of the project manager is at the discretion of the employer. If the project manager is found neglecting his duties his contract can be terminated before the contract end date.

Signature of the project manager:                              Signature of the employer:

Charles Ray                                                          John Woo

(MD, Steel Manufacturers)

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