A contract or a legal agreement which is formed between a project management consultant and an employer who hires this consultant is known as a project management consulting services contract.  The contract is formed so as to legalize the employment of the consultant and to describe his/her exact work duties, responsibilities, task and consulting practices. The contract must begin by stating the exact dates of commencement of the services as well as a date of termination of the services. Apart from this, the contract should also give the personal details of participants involved for reference.

  • A project management consulting services contract is a document which is important for the consultant so that he/she can assert his/her right over the payment or salary in case the employer refuses to pay it or limits it in any way.
  • Such a contract is also important for the employer so that he/she can get all the services which he/she requires from the project management consultant.
  • A project management consulting services contract must describe the terms and conditions in details so that none of the parties has any confusion about their roles and the rules of law.
  • The contract should be mutually agreed to and signed.

Sample Project Management Consulting Services Contract:

Project Management Consulting Services Contract

Download Project Management Consulting Services Contract


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