Project development contract deals with planning, organizing and managing resources. It is the completion of specific project goals technically related to higher level of construction.

Sample Project development contract

Contract no: – DSJ/Lc-45

This agreement is made on 1st February 2010 between Mandis authority corp. and operator Fernandes group.

  • Mandis corp. requested a proposal dated 16th January for the construction of Residential care facilities and operator submitted a proposal in its response
  • The operator has agreed to develop the project under the set terms and conditions.

Official address of Mandis authority corp.:-

16, Manure Street,

New York, United states of America

Official address of Fernandes group:-

#8/37, 35th Avenue road

Dallas, United state of America


  • Approval – The site has been finalized by Mandis corp.
  • Zoning– the operator has agreed that after the completion of construction the site shall be zoned as for the use of complex care facility.

Terms and condition:-

  • All the construction cost is to be borne by the operator
  • The operator is to provide adequate man power and provide them workable conditions.
  • The operator shall acquire all necessary legal documents from the respective government department.

Project Schedule:-

  • Systematic and detailed design
  • Construction tender
  • Construction
  • Program start-up
  • Project should be completed within a span of 5 years
  • Any delays in construction shall be notified with a written application at least 6 months in advance.

Thereafter, with the acceptance of all terms and conditions the contract is said to validate.

Signature of Mandis authority corp.


Signature of Operator

Fernandes group (Chairman)

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